Ultraflex-10 Coaxial Cable 50m

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Ultraflex-10 is a coaxial cable of the Italian manufacturer Messi & Paoloni, with 10.3mm outer diameter, double shielded and applicable up to 6 GHz. It is constructed with a flexible stranded inner conductor, making it suitable for being placed around the rotor, or in other places where the cable is often handled. The dielectric is foamed in 3 layers, the outer sheath is made of robust PVC (black).


Typical applications: Amateur radio on VHF/UHF for medium cable lengths, amateur radio on short wave when high power is used, VHF operational radio, RFID, GSM,LTE, WLAN for short to medium lengths. The usual connectors for 10.3 mm cable fit.


Attenuation on 144 MHz: 4.8 dB/100m

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