Antena Diamond X-200N

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The Diamond X-200N is one of the most popular dual-band antennas because it is an excellent compromise between gain and height. Like all Diamond X-Series antennas, the X-200 is surrounded by a UV-resistant plastic sheath made of passivated fiberglass (white). The base is made of anodized aluminum, the radials are made of stainless steel. The connection socket is protected in the base. The antennas are supplied complete with two aluminium mast clamps.

The X-200 is offered by WiMo in two versions, one as X-200N for the frequency range of ITU Region 1 (EMEA+ Russia, 144-146 & 430-440 MHz), and one as X-200NA for the frequency range of ITU Region 2 (Americas, 144-148 & 435-450 MHz).


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